"The insurer made a 24 thousand dollar increase in settlement offer after I submitted the independent Medical Validation to eliminate varying opinions and win the Great Weight challenge."

"After an initial low offer, I referred the case for Independent Medical Validation, submitted a new demand and received a 5 times increase over the initial settlement offer which my client accepted."

"The defense medical expert was defenseless in deposition when confronted with the results of the Independent Medical Validation. I was able to establish the presumptive (Great Weight) and eliminate the varying medical opinions. It proved an embarrassment to the defense."

"After ordering the Independent Medical Validation and resubmitting a demand, one low case settlement offer was increased ten fold and settled out of court."

"Most plaintiff injury attorneys face common challenges especially in low speed collisions with no vehicular property damage. The Independent Medical Validation contained the information (preponderance) I needed to meet proof of evidence that soft tissue injuries meet serious injury thresholds. "